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March 1 – May 12, 2024

(Friday Evenings, Saturdays, & Sundays)



During the training program, you will immerse yourself in:

-Yoga Asanas


-Teaching Techniques


-History of Yoga




-Teaching Methodologies

-Yoga as a Business

-Yoga Ethics


Contact Jami Bailey with any questions & information on signing up.

Pricing: $3,300 (Payment Plans available)

Our Teachers

Lead Trainer: Jami Bailey

Jami’s love for people and movement inspired her to begin teaching soon after finding her own practice. In New York, Jami facilitated her first nine 200 hour teacher trainings, and feel in love with sharing her knowledge with soon to be teachers. She moved to the Bay Area in 2011 where she began teaching and facilitated 4-5 more 200 hr trainings, one being in Pacifica, where she opened Sangha Hot Yoga with her life partner Jaimie. 3/4 of local teachers have been trained by her. Jami’s raw love and appreciation for people emanates in her practice and teaching methods. She believes the most powerful aspect of yoga is the connection of the body to breath and that one’s practice can be simple or complex, depending on what each student seeks to gain from their time on and off the mat. Jami’s Partner, and Co-Owner of Sangha, Jaimie Sucknanan, will Co-Anchor the training.

Social Media: @jamibailyyoga

Guest Faculty: Wini Linguvic

Yoga teacher, strength coach, bestselling author, and founder of The Elevate Practice, Wini Linguvic, has taught movement and wellness for over four decades. Her first book, BodyChange, covered the importance of weight-bearing exercise, and her second book, Lean, Long & Strong, is one of the original go-to resources for at-home exercise programs. Known for her light-hearted approach to teaching, Wini’s classes and programs integrate the science of strength and conditioning with the art of intelligent yoga.

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Guest Faculty: Sara Blowers

Sara discovered her love for yoga in India, 2008. The breath and meditation techniques showed her a newfound level of peace! Back in San Francisco she began practicing at Yoga to the People, where she found that strengthening her body strengthened her sense of self. She became 200 hour certified through YTTP in 2010. Sara moved to New York and became 500 hour Dharma Yoga Certified in 2012. Sri Dharma Mittra taught her more pranayama and meditation techniques, along with a few of his 1,350 postures. She likes to sequence classes that are about building strength and moving the spine. She hopes to connect the student to the teacher inside of themselves. Your intuition always points to the right answer!

Social Media: @sarablowersyoga

Guest Faculty: PK Kalofonos

PK teach’s at Berkeley Ironworks, Pacific Pipe, and Asta Yoga. Ultimately, the challenge is to integrate the practice into our lives. His goal is to quiet the voice of the inner critic and to embolden the voice of the inner teacher already present within each of us. PK has led workshops on inversions, alignment basics, and teacher trainings. To date he has taught hundreds of classes and thousands of students ranging from classes of 1 to classes of 170.

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Sangha Support Teachers

Sangha’s current teachers will be working as the support team throughout the training:

Pilar Zaich

Maddi Bailey

Jeremy Schwisow

Our Teachers

Guest Faculty: Susanna McDonald

Susanna has been teaching and practicing yoga for 5.5 years. She is a 650HR yoga instructor with training in Vinyasa, Traditional Hot, Yin, Ashtanga, & Hatha. Outside of her yoga experience, Susanna is also a certified personal trainer, nutritional behavior coach, bodyweight movement specialist, and women’s fitness specialist. Susanna founded her women’s holistic wellness coaching company. Susanna will be flying out from New York to share her expertise with us.

Social Media: @trainwithsusanna

Guest Faculty: Naomi Worth

Naomi has spent the last twenty years studying and teaching yoga through its history, philosophy, language, and practice. Her PHD is in Buddhist and Yoga Studies, and her research is in Tibetan Buddhist forms of postural yoga. She led the Yoga Studies program at the University of Virginia for five years. Nowadays, she is a public high school teacher in New York City, where she implements social and emotional learning methods rooted in the yoga tradition with students who are asylum seekers and immigrants. She will be teaching courses for the teacher training virtually.

Social Media: tibetanyogawala

Guest Faculty: David Keil

David will teach all things anatomy. He is an instructor of Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, and Florida Massage Law at Educating Hands

School of Massage (1999 – 2003). David has been practicing yoga since 1989. He taught informally for many years before developing the YogaAnatomy workshop in 1999 as he saw other teachers of yoga struggling with difficult anatomical concepts. He is the author of Functional Anatomy of Yoga, a guide for practitioners and teachers. David has traveled worldwide presenting various yoga and anatomy workshops as part of hundreds of teacher training programs.

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Guest Faculty: Elizabeth Swamy

Elizabeth is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and owner of Vedic Wild Āyurveda. She is here for you without judgment or expectation but instead with love, compassion and encouragement. Elizabeth is a 200-hour E-RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pre/post Natal Ayurvedic Care, Pulse Practicum, Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Panchakarma Technician, and is an in training to become a Ayurvedic Doctor.

social media: @vedicwildayurveda

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