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The health and well-being of our community has always been a top priority and we are levelling up our protocol and safety standards. We’ve made changes to how we operate, all designed in order to keep our students and teachers safe. Please know that this requires all of us to exercise our personal flexibility and openness to change as needed.

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Jami’s raw love and appreciation for people emanates from her in her practice and teaching methods. She believes the most powerful aspect of yoga is the connection of the body to breath and that one’s practice can be as simple or as complex depending on what each student seeks to gain from their time on and off the mat. There is no right or wrong way, and she assures her students that the level they are at is the level they are supposed to be but motivates them to find their edge and push themselves to the max. In the studio, Jami leads a stimulating, revitalizing, and therapeutic class. She goes above and beyond to create a comfortable space for everyone in the room.

Sangha Hot Yoga classes in Pacifica, CA
Sangha Hot Yoga classes in Pacifica, CA

“Breath Techniques, and Meditation” 

Jami took her first yoga class in 2000. Her love for people and movement inspired her to begin teaching soon after finding her own practice. In 2005, Jami started working part time in New York CIty.  She began an apprenticeship in 2006, she then completed the 200 hour Power Vinyasa Certification and 100 hour Traditional Hot Apprenticeship, and has been teaching full time since 2008.
Jami also facilitated her first nine 200 hour teacher trainings’ in New York; and feel in love with sharing her knowledge with fledgling soon to be teachers. She moved to San Francisco in 2011 where she began teaching and managing yoga spaces.  Jami moved to Pacifica in 2016 and fell in love with the foggy town. She continued to facificitate approximately 4-5 more 200 hr trainings in SF until she opened Sangha Hot Yoga with her life partner Jaimie.  They devote all their time and energy into Sangha and take yoga and meditation trainings to continue to upgrade their experience and share the teachings with their community.

Jami is a believer that yoga poses, breath techniques, and meditation are an important and effective means to maintain overall health and wellness while offering each of us the opportunity to cultivate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and mindfulness. When she’s on the mat or teaching, her mantra is always to be present in each posture simply as an opportunity to learn, to make intelligent and sensitive choices, to keep what’s useful and let go of what is not.

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Get in shape faster and understand all the health benefits of a routine.

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We offer on-on-one classes and corporate private classes for your teams.

Seasonal Retreats

We are currently in the planning stages to bring you the best healthy getaways around. Stay tuned! 

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