Reopening Guidelines

The health and well-being of our community has always been a top priority and we are leveling up our protocol and safety standards. We’ve made changes to how we operate, all designed in order to keep our students and teachers safe. Please know that this requires all of us to exercise our personal flexibility and openness to change as needed.

We are happy to inform you that we have been given the go-ahead to reopen our doors! The governor’s requirements state that we will need to continue the social distancing/6ft rule as well as other guidelines that we are committed to following for your safety.

With that said, we will have 9 cubes per class anywhere from 9-18 students per class going forward until we are updated further from the state. Some of the cubes can have two students who are family or have been sip together.  Please read below for information about signing up for class online, and about class packages, the new schedule, as well as our procedures for sanitary measures.


To keep social distancing measures, 9 cubes will be available in each class. Please download our Mindbody app or go online and sign up on Mindbody a day or more in advanced (if you are having issues signing up, please reach out to us right away).

Students are allowed to take one class per day, please no doubles; unless there is room just before class starts so that everyone is able to get their yoga. This way, if there wasn’t space in the class you had tried to get into, you can get into the next class. When you sign in for class online, your spot is reserved, so we kindly ask you to stay in your car until 10 minutes before the scheduled class time to reduce any close contact of students. During arrival please let the teacher know you are there and do your best to avoid congregating in the lobby as other students will be arriving at the same time. Every student, new and old, must sign a new waiver upon arrival.

Hand sanitizer will be at the front desk for your convenience. Please refrain from handshaking, hugging, or otherwise touching the instructor or other students at the studio. Again, these are all measures for one another’s health. If they are not being followed we will have to close down asap.

NEW CLASS SCHEDULE will be up on Mindbody every week (for most updated schedule, check Mindbody online)

We have modified our schedule to allow for proper sanitization of the studio between classes.



  • Studio doors will be locked until 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. Since you are signing up online your spot in class is saved! All students must leave the yoga room within 10 minutes after class so that sanitization can be started (explained below in ‘sanitary measures’). Every student, new and old, is required to sign a new waiver upon your first class back.

  • Cubes are in the yoga room; step into the cube and roll out your mat and take off your mask. These have been measured to be 6 feet apart from front to back and side to side. Please do not tamper with these placements. The teacher will have a designated area to teach from unless walking around to turn on/off lights and change temperature.

  • If you pre-register for a class and cannot make it, you must early cancel class at least 24 hours before class time through your Mindbody account, no fee. You must cancel before 24 hours of class or you will be automatically charged “No Show” to your account–full amount of class. This includes unlimited package holders. If you have a class package it will be deducted from there. So, please make sure to cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend class to avoid this charge. The reason for this charge is so that someone on the waiting list is able to come to class and we honor everyone’s time and yoga practice.

  • There will be no mat rental, towel rental, or studio prop use. As of this time, we also will no longer offer the bathroom for use so that we can lessen the spread of germs.

  • Thank you for your understanding with all of our studio’s new requirements so that we may keep our community healthy!


For questions regarding your account, please email

AUTOPAY STUDENTS: Those of you who were previously enrolled in our

auto debit program will automatically be put back on starting July 5th, 2020.

CLASS PACKAGE STUDENTS: From date of closure, March 16th, 2020 through date of reopening, July 5th, 2020, we were closed for a total of exactly 15 weeks. Your class packages will be extended appropriately (up to 15 weeks depending on your specific package details) automatically beginning on Monday July 5th, 2020.